Roof Asset Management

ICB (Projects) Ltd offers a wide range of ancillary services which include: Roof Survey Reports , Roof Thermal Imaging and Electronic Leak Testing

Roof Survey Reports

Whether surveying for damage, looking to invest in a new property or thinking of extending your current property, ICB (Projects) Ltd can carry out a comprehensive roof survey report to provide a detailed analysis of repairs and improvements required.


With many years of experience with new roofs, repairs and maintenance projects, ICB (Projects) Ltd can provide businesses, organisations and private clients with an independent roof survey. A roof evaluation offers a number of benefits to the building owner:

• Early identification of problems

• Detailed analysis of roof condition

• Identifying the most suitable repair programme

The roof survey report provides a vital tool for the assessment and repair of commercial, residential and industrial roofs by building owners, companies, organisations and facilities managers.

Roof Thermal Imaging

ICB (Projects) Ltd provide thermal imaging services which can help detect and identify roof leaks and trapped moisture in roofing systems. By pinpointing potential leaks at an early stage, we can prevent extensive damage before it occurs and save thousands of pounds in replacement costs.

• Non-destructive assessment

• Efficient and accurate diagnosis

• Cost effective identification of repairs

• Prevention of roof replacements

• Extending the lifecycle of the roof

Our infrared thermal scans can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Helping to reduce unnecessary expense and deliver safe, secure and quality roofs, we save our clients time and money whilst also improving the building’s energy efficiency and long term performance.

Electronic Leak Testing

For the fast, accurate and reliable location of leaks in your roofing system, ICB (Projects) provides an electronic leak testing service which quickly identifies water pathways which ensure minimal disruption or damage to the building.

Our highly skilled staff utilises innovative leak detection equipment which offers the client a number of benefits:

• Testing suitable for wet and dry conditions

• Non-invasive process

• Suitable for waterproofing membranes and ballasted roofs

• Leaks identified to high levels of accuracy

• Full test reports provided

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